How Much Do You Really Know About America

For immigrants to become legalized citizens, they have to take a test on America's history, present day leaders, and on the flag and what the colors, stars, stripes, etc. mean.  This test is actually a lot harder than what most people think.  In past studies, if every American, already born in the U.S., took the test, most of them would fail.  Here are some of the questions from the immigration test to show your knowledge of our country.

1) When was the Declaration of Independence signed?

2) When was the US Constitution signed?

3) Who were our first three presidents in order from earliest to latest?

4) What do the stars mean on the American flag?

5) What do the stripes mean on the American flag?

6) On what date did the Great Depression start?

7) How many senators does each state have?

8) What does NAFTA stand for, when was it passed, and which President signed it?

9) Which countries does NAFTA involve?

10) How many people died in the September 11, 2001 attacks?

A: 1,000 people      B: 2,500 people      C: 3,500 people      D: over 5,000 people

11) Who is our current President?  Who is our current Vice President?

12) True or False?  All of the men on the US bills are Presidents.


11-12: You know your stuff genius!

9-10: You paid attention in school.

6-8: Gotta brush up on your knowledge of America before Fourth of July comes.

3-5: Are you sure you were born in this country?

1-2: Hit the books!

0: Pathetic.



Uploaded 06/09/2008
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