How much is an eRep point worth?

Ok, so once again i was about to succumb to the vile mistress which is- boredom. Until i had a thought, how much money is an eRep point actually worth? So being keen, i set about trying to determine how much money = 1 eRep point. First of all i found all the prices of prizes available on amazon, the others i found in various other places (there were a few that had to be left out e.g. swag pack for obvious reasons). Then i added up all the eRep points required to 'buy' prizes i had found, then i  added up the cost of prizes. I divided the total number of eRep points by the total cost required to but them with real money. This gave me the point-money ratio.

Rounded up, it is about 1700 eRep points to the dollar.

OR, every eRep point is worth 0.00058 of a dollar.

Not that impressive, this means that it takes 17 video uploads to 'earn' a dollar.

OR that if you win the photoshop competition, you really win about $2.50.

It takes you 567 comments to 'earn' a dollar.

1700 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' to earn a dollar.

I know this blog means i am going to get some pleb saying 'man ur a geek rofl', or something equally insulting, but this blog just goes to show ho really the eRep points system is point-less unless you are getting regularly featured.

All the best,


Uploaded 06/16/2008
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