How Ron Paul Made A Fortune On Suckers

The election campaigns are running at top speeds and the candidates try to manipulate the voters into choosing them, which is a standard doing. The only candidate that's not concerned about the results is Ron Paul. Why? Because he never did this to help the United States. Look back at his campaign's beginnings.

At first he played the hated candidate, the pariah that was trying to save the country. By legalising drugs and setting criminals free out of prisons, and, of course, leaving the arabs to their plots by taking the troops back to the country, so the soldiers could start working as parking attendants. He played the old "THEY don't want me to be elected or even run for the election" card. What was the consequence?

First off, thousands of retards ran his campaign FOR FREE. It's easy to maim people into doing shit for you for free if they get brain washed. So Ron Paul got the pot heads to spam the clips with his propaganda on the internet. The young people who normally don't give a shit about the elections saw them and a lot of them liked the idea of marijuana becoming legal.

Soon, as he got the attention, Ron Paul kept whining about the media not taking him seriously when he's got so many voters. Of course the media didn't take an old fantast (who wants to let criminals that sold drugs to children back on the streets and legalise pot) seriously. His utopia is illogical. 

But now that he acts like the media don't want the truth and that the people in charge bought them off, the conspiracy theorists also have his vote. But what next?

Since he has voters that volunteer for him, why not... sell the merchandise. That's right, he already made MILLIONS of dollars from selling t-shirts, flags, mugs, posters. You can get them on his website, for an exorbitant price. If he resigned from the elections, then decided to come back and all that shit... where do the money go? When other candidates spend millions of dollars on rallies, spots and other shit, Paul gets that for free. 

"B-b-b-but... he wants to bring back freedom to America! The freedom as understood by the Founding Fathers of the Constitution!!!!" - some gullible Ron Paul fanatic

This "freedom of the Founding Fathers" is some of the most retarded things in the history of politics. Someone uses a term for freedom from the times when SLAVERY was legal. Black people weren't allowed to vote. Women weren't allowed to vote. Here's your freedom of the Founding Fathers, you retard. Another proof that Ron Paul voters are uneducated idiots. They don't know their own history, apparently.

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