How smart are the jurors selected for trials

I was held up in a robbery at a store I once worked at a fews years ago. I remember going through the court proccess to prosecute the guy who robbed the store. It was about 5pm on either a saturday or sunday in february. There wasn't much snow on the ground and the weather was warm for the month it was where I live. This guy walks into the store and from where i was standing all i could see is the top of his hoodie. I stand up to walk over to the register to greet him and I foolishly wasn't payin attention and asked how can I help you? Then he said open the drawer! I looked up and he had a bandana around his face hoodie pulled over his head so all I could see is his eyes and forehead covered in acne. He said it again and then pulled out a gun; so I paniced trying to open the register and gave wim the money ($125.00). So I called the police and they did what they had to do. Now this was a lil' corner store where everybody knew everybody but me because I lived in the better side of town. Apparently there was this kid who constantly tried to rob the store (well will name him Joe). The store owner was outside of his store later that night and Joe came down the road wanting the store owner to open up so he could buy a carton of cigs. Knowing this kid never has money he was curious to how he got it. Long story short When i went through the veiwing profiles of guys who matched my description i came down to 4 guys. I told the investigator that If i could hear his voice I'd know it. So it came down to it was this Joe kid....


Now on to the jury proces:(this is where i wonder where they get the people that they do.)

I was in a room with a panel of people who were asking me questions about the robbery. Some of the questions were normal like what time did this happen? Was anyone else in the store?  Then came the two Idiots that just astounded me by their questions.

this one was to the investigator - "what's the probability of someone wearing all black when robbing a store?".    I mean come on wtf? I wanted to reply myself and say slim to none, most robbers wear bright neon pink so they stick out like a sore thumb!

Then one guys question to me: "What color socks was the robber wearing?"Umm yeah as i was being robbed with a gun shoved at me I noticed the nice white nike socks he must of just stole from Dick's sporting goods!

Now seriously what IQ do you have to have to be selected for jury duty?

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