How to actually make REAL money from the comfort of your own hom


If you were to google my blog title you will most likely end up with a million different Pyramid Schemes, referral programs, and "GET PAID TO TAKE SURVEYS" bullshit.  You'll also hear about other sales person type positions that require you to sign contracts and charge ridiculous starting up costs.  Most of these are scams, or they are set up to make it near impossible for you to collect or even be entitled to your earnings.


Well I'm here to tell you, that I do indeed make money from the comfort of my own home, and it costs me next to nothing to operate.  This is something I discovered, started, and conduct all by myself - so it really can't be all that difficult for you.


I am a self-taught Freelance Website Designer and Developer.  And there are two ways of conducting this type of business.  Semi-legit, and fully legit.

Either way, you'll need the following.


Computer with Internet connection - (check)

Adobe Photoshop - although can be ripped off of your favourite file sharing website, a registered business can claim a purchased version as a business expense.

A little creativity - it goes a long way, and can make up for some lack of know how.

Time - Website design is time consuming and can prove to be pretty frustrating for people who are still learning.

Paypal account - once you start charging people for your work, paypal is an easy, and trusted way to get paid.


If you're going semi-legit, or just getting your toes wet, this can prove to be extremely profitable.  Starting a legitimate business is a little more expensive, but will work for you in the long run.


All you need to learn, is to look up both Photoshop, HTML and CSS scripting tutorials. That's exactly how I learned and continue to learn.  Sure there is much more advanced skills that you can get into like Flash Animation, Javascript, and Server side configuration like PHP and MySQL, but HTML and CSS are the basics and like I said - a little creativity goes a long way. 


I hope this helps someone who is really looking for a stay at home job that will create some extra income for your household.



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