How to be a liberal. How we view the United States.

Now, being a liberal is harder than being a conservative. Because a liberal is one who can adapt, learn, and adjust to their enviornment, social changes, and, don't use their relgion to justify violent acts of hatred.


1) Be a rational and an understanding human being ( Look at people for who they are individualy but not their sterotypes.)

2) Don't be prejudice. (You can't hate everything you don't agree with then use some inaccurate bible passage to justify it).

3) You have to be a creative thinker, and find alternatives rather than using aggresion. ( Learn what diplomacy is. Conservatives consider that word was brought to us by the devil. Conservatives use barbaric tactics use agression to solve their differences.)

4) Think of the common welfare of the state, the nation, and all classes of people, not just the rich or the poor.


Their aren't as many rules to being a liberal.. Now conservatives believe 'adjusting' to different social changes as a blow to their pride. Now conservatives love to use the bible to justify everything. What does Christianity think of adapting to social changes and getting along with different people? Well I'm going to paraphrase. Pride is a big part of conservatism you hear chants "This is Amerikka". They sound like inbred children from southern Louisiana. When the bible says pride is one of the deadly sins. And it tells you to love everyone.


Which leads me to see what America is. Conservatives say it's a Christian nation. making us unsecular. If you can't tell by the username  I used to be a conservative, then you're probably a conservative. I believed America to be white, christian, and English speaking country. Anything else was non-American and deserved to die or leave. That is also how most other conservatives viewed America.


But what is the United States in a liberal point of view? Simple, we're a melting pot, an ever changing society of race, culture, religions, and different languages. Conservatives can't fathom this thought, and spend 24 hrs on Fox News trying to break this mold. Trying to find enemies who aren't white, racist, and, Christian to divide us.


- FuckyouIran


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