How to be an anti-social athiest at x-mas

I wish I knew. 
I'm not one to preach.  People are stupid, ignorant, and I don't think it's worth my time or effort to try and educate or save anyone.   There is absolutely no hope for humanity, and people will continue to ruin the world for their own selfish gain or lack of compassion.    
My husband and I are both very sick of the raging frustration we get from watching culture from the outside.  That frustration is only multiplied around this time of year.  However, as much as we hate Christmas, we don't want to stomp on anyone's Holiday Cheer.    Reluctantly we leave our own little world and venture out into enemy territory.   I guess it's for the best... we appear more normal this way.
We went to the Mall one day.  Excuse me... We went to the Financial Slaughter House.  We shuffled around with the other doomed livestock.  It was crowded.  I lost respect for myself for putting myself in that situation and participating.  Equipped with our gifts and depressed feelings, we left as soon as we could.  We immediately wrapped everything and stored it in the closet, out of sight, out of mind.   Unfortunately it wasn't the end. 
When the family started calling, we had to act interested, and happy.  I guess telling people that you don't want anything for x-mas only makes you a difficult person to buy for.  It's hard to tell people that you don't agree with Holiday Shopping without insulting them. 
We asked our parents to donate cash to a no-kill animal shelter or animal rescue organization, if they insisted on doing anything for us for the holidays.   My mom actually got irritated, complaining that there's already too many people asking for charity around this time of year.  I argued that it's better to donate at Christmas than never at all.  She took it personally.  "I bought a chocolate bar from someone yesterday - it cost $5!"     So I asked. "Was it for a good cause?"    She didn't know for sure, but she assumed it was.     Kinda makes me want to hire some kid to sell over-priced, child slave labor harvested chocolate to the Mall sheep.   That way that kid could afford to buy all the toys Santa forgot to bring him.  
That's another thing.  Whenever I talk about my dislike for the Holidays I always hear "Christmas is for kids".  When I hear that, all I can think about is how it's actually about guilt-tripping parents into spending money they don't have on their undeserving children.  False threats of stockings full of coal, and kids who know better than to act good 3 weeks before x-mas just because "Santa's watching".   I think about kids surrounded by toys they'll play with once, bitching about not getting the exact video game they wanted. 
I picture the parents who will still stand in line next year, regardless.
I don't have kids myself, so you might say that I don't understand.   To those parents I ask for an explanation.   And if you say "Because that's just what you (people/parents) do" I might just punch an innocent child in the face. 

Speaking of innocent children,  I want to touch on the horrific school shooting we've all heard about.  Privately, I've mourned the tragic loss of life and the immense suffering of the many families involved.  Along with the firefighters who lost their lives to the deranged criminal on X-mas Eve.   But unlike the people I've spoken to about this, I don't feel more bad for these people just because of the proximity to Christmas.  "Such a shame - so close to Christmas too!".   These happenings are the worst of the worst, and  I really can't see why it's even more worse just because it's on a day where millions of people do the most unnecessary shopping of the year.    I do feel sorry for those who are lonely, or can't afford to participate in the Holidays.  Just because Christmas doesn't mean anything to me, it means something to others.  I feel sorry for those people.  They must feel left out.  It makes this time of year depressing to many, and that's another reason why I hate Christmas.  Although it brings families together, and inspires many good deeds, it causes added suffering to those who can't. 
Fuck Christmas, and what it's SUPPOSED to be. It's just a shopping spree. A disgusting one at that.  It's not about Jesus.  Hell, even if it was, an educated Christian should know it's on the wrong day.  Oh, and that many Christian and Catholic practices, especially surrounding Christmas, were borrowed from other religions that most ignorant Christians would frown upon, or haven't even heard of.  
Christmas to me is a time where I'm forced to choose the lesser evil.  Black sheep vs. Mall Sheep.  This year I chose Mall sheep.  I don't know what would have been easier... going along with it, or explaining myself.   Maybe next year, I won't be a self-loathing hypocrite. 
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