How to break your ankles Battle Canoe Style!!

Ok this is what they make movies about, ME, On a camping trip, Canoeing for 13 hours, and BREAKING MY FUCKING ANKLES!!

(* Oh yea, and spranging the other one.)

BATTLE CANOE`S Is the name of the game that brought this gaint down.

Heres the players, listed with the corresponding canoe partner :

Courtney I, Kyle R

Dustin L, Nick C

Terry R, Tyler T

Nathen P, Quency N               

and Finally The Battle Canoe CHAMPIONS!


For those that dont know Battle Canoes, is a game for the greatest and best people who ever lived. The object of the game is to ram the hell out of your opponets canoe until they sink.

Print and I sank every one except for Courtney and Kyle, and yes that does mean we eventually sank ourselfs, which leads to how i broke my ankle, BUT FIRST:

As i said above, we sank everyone, which means Me and Prints canoe took on quit a bit of water, and it just so happen to slow us down. Then Print and I decide to, tote the water out with his boots. Print was in the front of the canoe, while i was in the back.

And this my fellow Droogies is how everything came crashing down.

Prints boot is behind him, he cant reach it, and nor can i, so print decides to STAND UP IN THE CANOE!!!!!!!!!!  BAD CHOICE

When he did that, he lostr his balance on the canoe and we started to tip over, so instead of falling in, he grabs the other edge of the canoe, and pretty much keeps it verticle until we sink. All of our stuff starts to float down stream, so i chased it after calling Print an, "Ass-hole"

The water was about waist high, and as im finally reaching my stuff int he water, WAM!

I slip on some large rocks in the water, and in that instant, is when i broke my ankle, and spranged the other one.

And to my surprise the next morning i awoke to very sunburnd legs, with the burns that go all the way down to my feet. To finish this long story short: Print and I Re-surfaced our canoe, and finished the last six miles of the course.


Oh God I love me!

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