How To Catch A Predator Episode 1

Hello there, this is Chris Hansen with dateline nbc. Im doing a show on how to catch an internet predator.

Because this is the first installment of the series we will start off with a chat log written between 50 year old White_Chocolate and "13" year old Sally. 

In this chat log White_Chocolate is White_Chocolate and Sally is CashMoneyHo


White_Chocolate : Hello there sexy panda that I want to stick my penis in....but in real life it would be a real panda..

Cashmoneyho: Hey there FRISHES Big Boy....whats your favorite thing?

White_Chocolate : Have you ever done it with an older man?

Cashmoneyho: How much older?

White_Chocolate : well older than you is all you need to know right??.

Cashmoneyho: Nice ;) I bet you have a big penis.

White_Chocolate : No, Not really , i just still haven't had my nuts drop.....

Cashmoneyho: I still bet it's huge ;) why don't you come over tomorrow and let me find out.

White_Chocolate: No..its smaller than an inch worm...its really shamefull...thats why i screw animals...they don't care how big it is... Do you like bestiality?  Cause I like screwing my hamster in the but and right towards the end I superman punch him....i've been through 8 hampsters now...that superman punch really gets em!!

Cashmoneyho: what? Crack dat superman!!!

White_Chocolate : Yeah, would you care if i brought my pet hamster? He's experienced. And it'll make for a kinky time ;)

 Cashmoneyho: you're a perverted fag that needs to get off of ebaums world.


Now what you just read was truly disturbing. That was only 1/10000 of the conversations White_Chocolate trys to have with little boys and girls.

White_Chocolate is still roaming the site of ebaumsworld putting stupid blogs up to help him with his addiction to chat porn...lets put an end to the madness before episode 2 comes out.



Uploaded 06/03/2009
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