How to Control Your Dogs

I'm more of a traditional or old world dog owner.  I enjoy keeping and hoarding a large number of dogs and as such have developed ways to control and manipulate them. With my methods I can control their numbers, decide who the alpha males will be, and filter through the bitches.

To enhance their fighting prowess I introduce objects that they might fight over. By observing their behaviors I can make out which dogs are alpha males.  When one has been identified, I immediately put him in charge of a pack of dogs. I've created many holdings that include an alpha male, some bitches and lesser or weaker animals.

Recently both the numbers of animals I have and separate holdings  have got a bit unwieldy, and my alpha males appear rather old and motley.  So in order to cull my packs and hopefully create a super dog, I have decided to make my pets hungry for several days. After, I will place a roasted hind of beef in the center of all my holdings and open the gates, releasing all the animals.

The flesh will only be enough for about one third of them.  The rest will enter dog eat dog until the weakest breeds have perished.  From this I hope to develop one super mother fuckin' killer dog and breed him with only the finest bitches. 
With my methods I can use the accepted ideology of evolution in a controlled and timely manner to create a Super Pet.  With this Super Pet I will be able to control all my holdings ensuring a bright and prosperous future. 

The Pedigree Goes Deep! 

Uploaded 10/25/2011
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