how to end all taxes.

are you tired of giving money to a government you don't even agree with? I fucking am. What do taxes pay for? in general they pay for roads and transportation. They pay for security, foreign and domestic. Police, military. They pay the fat bastards that are ruling this country. They pay the presidents fat pay check. They pay for the assholes that give you speeding tickets. Fuck that shit.


How to end taxes once and for all.


Sometimes you have to take a step back, to move forward. Make the presidents job, and all other leaderships positions completely voluntary. They can make money with their hands like the rest of us. Make them work at a grocery store or something.

No more cars, buses, trains. We can ride horses. I shit you not. This would end global warming fast as shit. I wish I could ride a black stalion down a highway made of beatin soil. Suck on that cock, bitch.

How to defend our country. Back in the day the military was a militia, regular men trained with their own rifles and defended their own homes for the sake of their families and neighbors. And if someone robbed a grocery store you shot them right in the street. Sorry for being a barbarian but im all for that shit. end crime real fucking fast. There will still be a justice system, it'll all be voluntary.

Imagine keeping all the money you worked for. I don't know about you but I work hard for my money, I really don't like seeing it go into shit that doesn't deserve it (health care for illegal immigrants?).


If you disagree with me I will mount you like a horse and fuck you. The end.

Uploaded 02/25/2010
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