how to find a good game

I'm gunna tell you some strategies I use to find a good game, maybe they'll help you when you don't want to waist money on a shitty game.

Most decent games run from 20-60 bucks a piece. Think of a game as entertainment, its an ivestment to keep your sanity if you're bored. If you waste money on some shit, then you suck.

Here's what to look for in a game, not the price, cus just because it's spensive doesn't mean it's awesome. Some of the best games I've ever played were free online ones ha ha.

Know what kindsa games you like. I always look for one with a good story. I used to hate shooters till i played mw2, but hey whatever floats your boat thats what you're gunna look for.

Don't pay attention to graphics or flashy shits, just the game mechanics that you look for.

And if all else fails you can go on youtube type in the game you're interested in a see what it looks like. Like I played Aion for awhile, it looked amazing online, everything should have been awesome. But it got boring after about a week.

-dont look at price

unless ur hurtin for cash dont even look at the price some awesome games are only 5-10bucks a piece.

-don't look at graphics and flashy boxes

just cus the box looks awesome doesn't mean anything. Aion looked good but after a week got boring. Good graphics don't make a good game

-Look for what YOU want

dont read reviews about games. Look for what you want in a game, whatever it might be.

-Usually games based on movies or tv shows suck

nuff said about that ha ha.


thaaaank you

im frogbob n i approve this blog.


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