how to fix the money problema

the problem in the economy isn't immigration, ghettos, poor health care, government spending, or the wars. The problem I think is the paper currency. The dollar used to be a note just to say how much gold you owned. It used to be useful because no one wants to carry 100$ worth of gold around in their pocket. Then I remember from history books that they changed the gold standard but I didn't really understand why.

Well the other day I watched this movie with my future wife, and vise commander, called Zeitgeist. Now some of it is kinda bullshit, but you know what, a lot of it is pretty believable. The part that really got to me is the part where they claim that there is a central bank that the government borrows paper money from, they loan it from the bank, and its on interest. So no matter how much money they make, theyll never be able to pay it back because the interest is more then the money they borrow. Then they go on to claim that they create wars to hurry the fall of the government etc etc.

Regardless, I think its time to redo the whole currency system of the united states. First of all the paper money needs to be a note of something material in value. You should be able to trade it in for say its value in silver. By locking the dollar in value of a material item, you create a very stable economy.

Notice how gold stays strong even in a weak economy? What if that trail on the economical chart of gold was the same as the value of the dollar. Then if your country is about to fail, hey you can trade in all your money for gold, so itd be worth something world wide. Makes sense right? But no, youd rather give up your rights as an American citizen and make your money worth nothing.

Another way is to actually make the money out of some metal or item thats actually worth something such as jewels or precious metals. Just something to think about.


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