How to get kicked out of your favorite bar.

When I was stationed in Ft. Hood, TX, I got kicked out of a bar. Here is my story of how I got thrown out. Everyone has to experience this once. It really is a lot of fun!

Difficulty: Easy



Things You'll Need:

  • A bar to go to.
  • Tequila
  • Tons of beer
  • Friends
  • Someone you don't like
  1. Step 1

I Grabbed Five friends and we headed out to our favorite bar.

  1. Step 2

When I got to the bar, I drink about 12 beers.

  1. Step 3

After the beer I drank Two shots of Tequila. Then continued to drink more beer.

  1. Step 4

I looked over in the corner and saw an old man who was in the bar the previous weekend and he really made my friends and me mad the last time we saw him there.I told my friends I wanted to drag him into the parking lot, beat him up and take all his money!Unfortunately my friends would not let me do that.I said, "Come on! He's about 85 years old! I can take him! I'll knock him out in about one minute!"They still wouldn't let me do it. :(

  1. Step 5

I proceeded to talk a lot of trash to all the Waitresses, bar Tenders, Bouncers, DJs, and everyone else that worked in the bar along with some customers and my friends (I don't remember what I said to everyone, but it wasn't good).

  1. Step 6

My friends and I bought some raffle tickets from the bar. They were giving out a few small prizes and the grand prize was a $100 bar tab.We decided to leave before they had the drawing. So I walked around the bar trying to sell the tickets.No one wanted to buy them from me, so I approached a really big guy standing by the door and asked him if he wanted to buy them.This guy said, "No. Why would I want to buy them? I work here! I am a Bouncer! You know that is illegal? We sold them tickets to you, now you can't sell them back to the bar!"I just went back to hang out with my friends.

  1. Step 7

I started to get really loud and make a lot of noise.

  1. Step 8

Finally the Bouncer approached my friends and said, "Get him out of here right now, or I will throw him out!"



  • There you have it, that is the easiest way I know of to get kicked out of a bar. No Gurantee it will work, but, it worked for me! LOL.
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