How to get one of your videos on the "Top Rated Media" list... Q

I finally saw one of my videos on the Top Rated Media list! You know, the list on the lower right hand side of everyone's screen when they are viewing any video. I had a great rating of 5 stars with 3 voters and the views were going up and up. I come back about 10 minutes later and WTF! My video is already gone! This can mean only one thing... Some asshat decided to rate my media a 1 Star. I thought to myself, now why would someone rate this video that everyone else seems to enjoy with 1 star... I then proceeded to view the current Top Rated Media list and to my surprise There are users with multiple videos in the Top Rated Media list. My only conclusion to this is that certain users down rate other people's media for the sole purpose of getting their own media onto the Top Rated Media list. This is really too bad because I can only imagine all of the quality videos that are being thrown back into the heaping pile of shit void of random user uploaded videos.


What this "asshat" or these "asshats" don't realize is that they are most likely not the only ones down rating media for their own personal gain. So just as fast as they knock someone elses video off, someone will surely come along and do the same to theirs.  Maybe that's why most videos which get featured have been uploaded weeks if not months ago. I really don't think the website admin picks features from the Top Rated Media list, but I could be wrong.


So in review of how to get your media on the Top Rated list a.s.a.p. :


Simple, just down rate the current media on the list until yours gets on the list! Enjoy your videos 15 minutes of fame (in my case less than 10)!



Uploaded 09/29/2008
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