How To Get Your Uploads Featured

The sequel to my brilliant gallery, Badass Kittens, was featured recently. I've noticed that almost anything I upload gets to the main page. That's because I know what's good and share the things I find interesting and funny. Since I'm a very social and well liked person with a wonderful personality, a lot of people like my company. It's not just because of my pretty face - a lot of people adore me for my great sense of humor.

It's not surprising that when I upload just one clip or one gallery on one day, they get featured. A lot of users spam the site with 10 or 20 clips a day and don't get any of that rubbish chosen for the front page by the admins. These users usually repost  clips already featured on sites like Digg, Break, College Humor or Failblog. I have no idea what's the point in doing that. If you really want to share a cool clip, do it when you find something good, original - or make it yourself, like me. I've prepared the magnificent and funny Bad Ass Kittens galleries myself (selected funny pics and made captions to them). Since it's a quality upload, they got featured.

Here are some tips on what to do to get your upload featured at the main page, coming from an expert's experience (my own, that is):

Upload quality media - a clip that was popular 2 years ago or a slightly amusing video won't do. You need to find something funny, entertaining, original and likely to get a lot of views.

Title - This is where you tell what's going on. Rather than putting "Funny Guy Clip" or "Cute Kitten," try being more specific. Take 'Bad Ass Kittens' for example - The title is much more appealing than "Funny Cats."

Description - Use your creativity. A simple "lol" will most probably disqualify your upload. Describe what's going on in your media in a way that will attract some views. Add some mystery, encourage people to open it.

Don't repost other users - Although a lot of users (star4ucker, for example) repost clips that were already posted by other users a few hours before, and get them featured for some reason - that doesn't mean you should. Some users suck admin dick (like star4ucker) and get their uploads featured even when they rip them from other users (star4ucker is a fine example).

Quality over quantity - here's a tough part, since not everybody has a good sense of humor. It's natural for me to pick only the best, most hilarious clips and pics, but some users have a hard time with that. Try to share things that you like yourself.

I guess that's enough to get you started. Go give it a go! You're welcome.
Uploaded 02/13/2011
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