How To Impress Your Friends

This article is directed only to the creative, smart and resourceful people, since you'd have to put a lot of effort if you wanted to pull this off. Another thing is, if you're a fan of the Fallout series and so are your friends, their going to pee themselves seeing you wear...

Your Home Made Fallout Outfit

Look at the girl on the photo below and think how much she spent on the materials for her costume.


The answer is: not much.

As a fashion expert, I can tell you that all you need to prepare one like that yourself is some denim, a zipper, and the accessories which are available to buy (the pip boy or the bobby head key chain).

Yup. The cool thing about the vault suit is that you can wear it in public, because it looks rather bad ass than nerdy in the wrong sense of the word.

But how about...


Yup, the Merc Charmer Suit is also easy to obtain. This outfit looks like it has been remade from a work uniform. A bit of tailoring talent and there you have it - your own Fallout clothes.

Not enough? Perhaps you know some talented engineer? Someone who'd fix you up with this.


There's a lot of metal in this thing and it looks uncomfortable to wear, but there you have it, your own Power Armor. You can feel like you're part of the Enclave. But wait a minute.... something's missing.

Put that suit on, ask your friend to attach it somehow behind his car and drag you through sand for a few miles.


There we go. Looks more realistic. What about the mini gun? Ask the guy in the video below if he'd sell you one of his.

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