How to kill a Mocking Bird

First step.

You have to locate that bastard. Try to find a group of Japanese chicks like Neko or Mizuka. I know that's only one girl(man) but whatever. The Japanese are aquainted with mockery; a mocking bird cannot be far away.


Step 2.

You have to trick the bird. Make female mocking bird sounds for the male mocking bird. And make crow sounds for the female mocking bird. Have bait waiting for the bastard mocking bird. Once it takes the bait, throw the cage over it and secure it as fast as you can, they are tricky little bastards. Make sure there are no Mexicans or Jews around. This will ruin your only shot at it. The mocking bird will see the Mexican and fly far away. The mocking bird will see the Jew and laugh.


Step 3.

You have to get answers from that douche bag mocking bird. Start a pot of boiling water on your stove. That will show white dominance over everyone, unless you're Canadian. If the bird is not scared, then try annoying it. Nothing annoys me more then BET. Let it watch hours of ridiculous black humour. That will most likely do it. Now prepare for the answers you are about to recieve. It will tell you about all of Islams dirty dirty Muslim ways. It will tell you that Mohammed is a dumbass. But it will be more specific.


Step 4.

Kill it, or let it go. It told you what you wanted to know. It even had to watch black people dance around like monkies for an hour. Do you still want to kill it? Yes you do. So get out a revolver( a man's gun) and shoot that bastard in the face.

And that, is how you kill a mocking bird.



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