How To Live Successfully

Ohayou, guys! I know most of you are lame basement dwellers that don't know how to be successful and you might gain a lot from reading my blog. As always.

People who spend time on here 24/7 refreshing for comments in the blogs and whoring for my attention are definitely the ones who should read this article with scrutiny. Pay attention to every word. Yes, it's not that you can't become successful with hard work. It's actually hard work but also intelligence that helps in achieving success. You need to know where to start. Learn how to fight. It's up to you wheter you're going to use magic or melee. Whichever you choose, know that for magic, you must train your Destruction skill, and for melee - either one or two handed weapons. Forget the bows or conjuration - fire balls and swords are the shiznit. Next there's defending yourself. Sure, heavy armor slows you down, but it's decent protection, unlike the light armor. So you know what to choose, already. Next, to the other traits - alchemy, enchanting, smithing. That shit will make you level up, but remember, when you level up, so do your enemies - you'll get a variety of better weapons and armor but you'll also have to fight tougher monsters. Don't level up with shit attributes. Concentrate on practical traits. You'll get perks later. You need to have a base and become successful. Don't do the main quest, get some cool Deadra equipment. Then you can kick ass. Oh, and learn the shouts, they teach them for free, so you might want to do the main quest for a short time, and learn the Dragonrend shout. That's a shout successful people invented centuries ago when fighting the dragon Alduin. Don't give up on that. Okay, you can ask questions below if you need some more answers

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