How To Make A Woman Squirt

my girlfriend found me few steps on how to get her to squirt and thought I'd pass it on Step 1: Sex Her Up with Words. If you know how to sex up your woman with words then youre almost there because the brain is our most powerful sex organ. With the right sexual frame of mind, your woman will be able to let herself go and completely surrender to her body and whatever it is youre doing to it. Start by whispering naughty words in her ear. Say something like Tonight, I want to bring you further than you possibly think you can go with your body. At this point, it may not be bad idea to inform her of your goal (i.e., to make her experience squirting). The reason you want to tell her about this is so that shes prepared for it. You see, the feeling a woman gets when shes about to ejaculate is the same as when shes about to pee. If she thinks shes going to pee, you can bet that she will do EVERYTHING to prevent that. So in effect, shes holding back on squirting and you dont want that! What you want her to do is to just let go and ride the waves so to speak. Step 2: Turn Foreplay on High After sexually goading her with your hot words and letting her know what youre up to, its time to turn foreplay on high. This can be kissing her deeply, licking her all over her body, etc. In short, do anything and everything you know that will make her as wet as possible. Step 3: Lay Her Down Like a Flower. When shes ready (and free of her clothes), have her lie comfortably on the floor or bed. Trail kisses from her neck to her sweet spot. However, when you get to her honey pot, be sure to spread her open like a flower. Why? Most women feel their sexiest when theyre spread and adored this way! (We feel like a Sex Goddess being worshiped!) Step 4: Find, Touch, Arouse and Control the G-spot. Now, take a break from your oral loving and using two fingers (your index and middle fingers), turn your palm up and slowly insert them into her. While inside, hook your fingers, making a sort of come hither motion. At the wall of her vagina, look for a small bump (the G-spot becomes engorged when a woman is sexually stimulated) with the same texture as the roof of your mouth. Once you find this spot, stimulate it in different ways. You can tap at it, run circles over it, flick it like a switch, and others. All this time, watch the expressions of your womans face and see which one she likes best. For added pleasure, go back and orally pleasure her swollen clitoris as you arouse the G-spot. Alternate between licking her and talking sexily to her as you stimulate the G-spot; this will stimulate both her body and mind like never before. Step 5: Just Keep On Going, And Going, And Going At some point, she will probably start to squirm and maybe even thrash a bit. If she tells you to stop because she feels like urinating, encourage her to just let go. Tell her that shes not going to pee but that shes going to come and that you think its the sexiest darn thing ever! Also, this is important: whatever it is youre doing that is making her want to climax, dont ever stop it or switch techniques. For us women, repetition and persistence is key so keep on doing what she finds stimulating and youll be rewarded soon! Step 6: The Squirting Afterglow Some women will squirt a bit, while others will really spray you so be prepared either way by having a big towel or a couple of small towels beside you. After she squirts her love juices, she may feel a bit embarrassed about what just happened so reassure her by grabbing a towel or two and lovingly wipe at her thighs and mound. Finish off with a gentle kiss on you know where.
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