how to make cheap easy alcohol anywhere

I'm mostly writing this for my brothers who are serving or will in a location where alcohol is unattainable or not allowed. Strangely also usually in these places sex is not allowed yet the bx will sell condoms, which is one of the things you need to make this. Aside from the ease of having a friend package liquor in a hidden package and shipping it, this will be fun and probably the most disgusting piss you'll ever drink.

Before we continue I'd like to tell you about bacteria and your cheap wine you'll make. No deadly bacteria can exist in beer and wine. So covering it wouldn't be necessary if you were in a clean environment. The reason you need to cover it in an airtight seal is to protect the mixture while it builds up alcohol. If anything nasty gets in before the alcohol is high it will kill the yeast and make your drink sour and possibly give you the shits.

Materials needed-

A bottle- 

Any kind of container will work preferably something that doesn't let light in like your canteen. But at the same time you might want to be able to see the liquid so even a water bottle covered with a cloth. It need to be narrow and tall though, so no bowls.


Any sugars will work. If you have juice with added sugar you don't need sugar or juice soz that works as well.


Squeeze your own fruit out or if you have some dry juice mix from an MRE you can use that too. Pretty sure they stick sugar in there too.


I pick condom because of how easy they are to obtain for the people this is aimed at. Even some wrap or anything stretchy like a balloon.


Yeast is the hardest to get. You need some fresh fruit, Or even a potato. Grab it from the chow heezie.

Bleach or some strong soap-

Get yourself some strong cleaner but if it comes down to it you can use any soap just make sure you clean it good.

Step one- Clean your bottle and condom real good. Scrub that shit and rinse very very good, then do it again. very important.

step two- fill your container 3/4 the way with warm watter. 

Step three- if you managed to get ahold of some bakers yeast awesome throw it in and you're ready to go. If not, you're using fruits or tatos stuff it in ur bottle and let it sit for a day or two.

step four. throw ur juice/sugars etc in the bottle and shake it up good.

step five- cover the bottle with the condom and set it somewheres dark and cool, but not too cold.

step six- let it sit its gunna take a couple weeks. If you see the condom fill up that means its workin. If not you need to try a better yeast or you need more sugar. Feel free to let the gases out from time to time but dont mess with it too much.

Step seven- after activity has stopped, you dont see bubblin anymore the condom stops filling up, your ready to drink it. 

cant promise itll be good but its alcohol


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