How to Meet eBaum's Girls!

Deep down, I just want to let my thoughts and imagination run wild. I'm not quite sure why I hold back. Perhaps in the back of my mind or possibly my frontal lobes, my mind is preoccupied with stagnant reality. Maybe, I am not as complex as I once thought or once was.  My blogs have confused and amused myself as much or more than those who have taken the time to read them. I lack credentials, in today's world, that might be a good thing? I can spin a yarn, when in the mood or intoxicated, with the best of them. Crowds scare me, but a few good listeners encourage me. My past is my compass, my future remains a adventure, as my boots wear out and the slope of the land ever increases. There are day to day truths that wear ever thinner.  There are obstacles, once easily routed, are now the only path. It is true that the easiest path is the least profitable one. What ever happened to that? What has changed that we are now like water instead of grappling individuals with imagination and desire to cut a new path across the universe? A new and unusual idea is the hardest to sell, but when you do, it's pure gold. I have panned for this gold and remain unsuccessful. And yet, that makes my claim all the more important. Life came from nothing, or perhaps not.

Uploaded 09/14/2013
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