How to satisfy a woman, the lickin and the slurpin.

   I thought I would bless all you fucking faggot losers with some of my tips on how to no be a fucking neckbeard failure your whole life. If any of you ever even get the chance to have intercourse with a woman than you better nut fuck up or you may damage your already puny ego even more. Ok step one for arousing a woman is going down, you cannot satisfy a fully without oral sex. I'm not talking your normal pussy eating though I am talking about slurping nibbling and french kissing deep inside of a womans anus, it's always good if she showers first but if she happens to be a sticky sweaty smelly mess down there you can tough it out. Woman absolutely love anal stimulation, you really dont want to stop until your slobber is forming a river along her buttcrack. When you suck her pussy you absolutely must use all of your tongue and lick down every inch of her wet vag, while you slurp and gargle every drop of pussy juice coming out of her, it also helps if you stick your tongue as deep in there peehole as possible, it may hurt her a little but it is extremely pleasurabe.
Uploaded 07/20/2012
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