how to start a fire

Sitting here dj-ing for my "friends". I almost always stuck with the honor of starting the fire, let me say, with my about blown out speakers, half drunk heres how you start a good fire.

Im no boyscout but this is how I do. Never got that firemakers merrit badge but k here goes.

fires need oxigen and fuel. and secondly you have to be one with the fire to understand what they need, kinda like womens. sure you can't understand them, but god knows we men try.

start from small to big and bigger and biggest.

small - paper, lint from your drier (we always save ours for our epic bonfires) etc. anything that starts real easy.

medium- small twigs, walk around your yard like a cripple with that fuckin one desiease, too drunk sorry. pick up sticks its real fun trust me. cardboard is good if ur lazy

large- logs, trees etc branches wutev u get ur hands on

k u got all ur materials. start by leaning ur larges together to make a tent kinda looking thing. think oxygen, lots of air flow underneath etc. put ur smalls inside and light it, not all of them at once but u know. as it burns add smalls, slowly add up to mediums. add little at a time slowly burnin up the heat u want the bigs to light.

the end fuckin faggit.

frog out

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