How to survive the zombie appocalypse

Boom! The zombie apocalypse just hit! Are you prepared?

Believe it or not, you probably are. You don't need a submachine gun, a flame-thrower or even a cricket bat to survive a zombie apocalypse (though they would be fun to have). You don't even need to stock up at anemergency preparedness store. All you need is some creativity and a few items that you have lying around your home. Using these everyday items might just help you make it to the safe military stronghold if it actually exists. Here are 10 household items that could save your life in a zombie apocalypse:10-household-it-1.jpg

A shovel  In a zombie apocalypse, a shovel can be your best friend. You can use this handy tool as a dual-purpose weapon against zombies: Either use it for inflicting blunt-force trauma on their undead heads, or for slicing and dicing. You can also use it to barricade doors or to smash open vending machines. Plus, if push comes to shove, you can even use a shovel for its intended purpose of digging graves for those who weren't as prepared as you are.Bleach  Common household bleach can have a number of different uses during the zombie apocalypse. It can disinfect various surfaces or even purify drinking water. Plus, it can be used to get those pesky bloodstains out of your clothes. Make sure to grab the handy bottle of bleach out of your laundry room before making a getaway.Blanket/Towel  In case you think that a towel is only useful for interstellar hitchhiking, think again. You can use a blanket or towel for a variety of purposes throughout the zombie apocalypse. Not only will these items keep you warm, but they can also be tied up in a tree and used as a hammock to keep you out of the reach of dead hands as you sleep. You can also use a towel or blanket as a tourniquet or as a stretcher for the injured.A knife  This is probably an obvious choice, but you need to carry the right type of knife with you for the duration of the zombie apocalypse. For instance, a steak knife may allow you to get a few good stabs in before the zombies get you, but soon they'll be using the knife on you along with some steak sauce. You'll want to use a large, serrated blade for sawing through things or a heavy, flat blade for quick and easy decapitation the choice is yours.Spray paint  A couple cans of spray paint can be used to mark your path in a city or a forest during the zombie apocalypse. Simply spray a tree or a wall, and you know you've already explored that area. Plus, since zombies can't read, you can write messages to other survivors or to the helicopters flying overhead. Just write legibly. No one is going to understand what "Melp!" means.Tin foil  When the zombie apocalypse hits, you should keep a roll of tin foil handy to help cook your food in the campfire. The foil doesn't burn and it can be reused. Or, on a hot day, you can fashion the tin foil into a solar cooker. Plus, you can use the reflective side to signal aircraft overhead. Finally, you can wrap the aluminum foil around your arms, legs and neck because even zombies hate the sensation of biting down on tin foil.A hammer  You can use this tool for both building a barricade and taking one down. Plus, a hammer can be a handy close-range weapon against zombies, if needed. If you need to pry something open or close something up during the zombie apocalypse, you're going to need a hammer.Gasoline  A car can mean the difference between life and death in the zombie apocalypse. It serves as a shield as well as a form of transportation. Nonetheless, if your car runs out of gas, then you're stuck walking with the rest of the zombie fodder. A full gas can in the trunk might make the difference between being alive and being undead. Fill it up every chance that you have. Plus, in case of emergency, a splash of gas and the flick of a lighter can burn those zombies down.Lighter  As we just mentioned, you'll need something to start fires with at some point in the zombie apocalypse. Matches can break or blow out too easily, and if they get wet, they'll be useless. A stove lighter is preferred, but a cigarette lighter will work fine. Just remember to stock up on butane each time you loot a gas station or supermarket.Toilet paper  Cash, change and credit cards are all going to be worthless when the zombies attack. How are you going to get someone to change a $20 when he is running for his life? However, throughout a zombie apocalypse, people will be longing for the creature comforts they used to have. You'll be able to trade the stockpiled toilet paper you have for almost anything you need. Plus, you can also use the toilet paper for fire kindling and for bandaging wounds. Final note: Don't waste your toilet paper binding zombie bite wounds it's too late for that person just use the shovel.
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