How To Trollolol

So the word "Trolling' is being tossed around alot on this site lately. Half of you know what trolling is, half of you dont. For the half that know what trolling is, only a small percentage actually know how to troll. So before you guys and gals get your panties up in a bunch tucked up into your flabbed lower butt cheek, come gather around, for you are about to get a lesson on how to troll.
The internet troll is a fierce opponent, never blinking an eye at noobs who try to pwn with idiotic comments and bad grammar. He/she is never satisfied with a good trolling no matter how hard the opponent was pwned. 
But a troll always knows when to take it easy even when the time says, "Troll these faggots to their deathbed", he/she is always on he lookout for new media items that make people think, they are amazing with links and pictures that go along with the trolled victim, prank calls to houses and places of business. 

Trolling isn't just about talking shit on a video or blog, its making people feel like shit without even speaking directly to them.

1. Find a post that has high traffic (More noobs)


2. Never let down.

3. Post fresh disgusting material, directed at that persons friends and family.

4. Be creative with wording and avatar selection, something people remember (Like your own brand name)

5. Research. (Find as much info about the person as you can. (facebook, google, myspace, phone numbers and address, alot easier than you think it is).

6. If trolled back harder than you trolled, never let it show.

An example of a famous EBW troll is a buddy of mine, some might know him, some might not, but I look at him as the definition of a true internet troll. His name, UofL3000. The only son of a bitch to "accidently" kill the site for days back in early 2008, huge exploitations of thumb glitches, hilarious prank calls to ebw members at home and place of work, pwning of Ebaumnation, /b/, and 

A Prank call to former EBW user Eshel

I am Eastside and i r troll?
Uploaded 06/06/2011
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