How to write a decent blog

Here's some tips to write a decent blog. It's for people that really don't know what to do, maybe you didn't pay attention in english class, or maybe you don't know what kind of people come to ebaums. All this is, is a few tips to keep in mind;


Get yourself an avatar. If you haven't made a custom avatar, even if you're the next shakespear, people assume it's spam and wont read it. If you have trouble making one, just let me know, I'll even help you. I can even make you an animated one.

When you write a story, it has a begining, middle and end. Broken down, what this means is that you introduce a topic, add to it, and finish it. Pretty much just in general you want to stay on topic and tell a good story.

Personally I don't care too much about spelling, probly cus I can't, but some people will point out if you make a error. To fix this, write your blog in a word processor on your computer with spell check, then copy and paste it in here.

When you write about a topic, you want the viewer to have breaks. Like if you look above notice how the whole thing is about how to write a blog, but each little subject is broken off into a paragraph. This does two things, one it's a mental break for the reader, two if they see a subject they don't care about they can skip it really easily.

I mean just use common sense too, like if you copy paste, tell the reader where u got it from. Talk about things people probably want to read about.

A lot can be fixed just from proof reading. Once you finish writing up your blog just re-read it, and try to think if someone wants to read this, is this gunna piss people off, do I get my point across, etc.

Hopefully this fixes some spam but I doubt it.

Uploaded 01/03/2010
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