How To Write Quality Blogs

After my How To Get You Uploads Featured blog's success, I've decided to cover another topic regarding quality material shared on this webpage. Blogs are almost never featured and they don't get as many viewers as, for example, the jokes section. It wasn't always like that and blogs could easily get a few thousands of views a long time ago. One of the reasons for the decreased interest of this section is the lack of quality a lot of currently active bloggers show. Since I'm one of the few quality bloggers, I'll share a bit of my wisdom on how to write a decent blog, or at least what rules to remember when you want to share your thoughts in the section.

One paragraph doesn't qualify for a blog. Common disaster of this section - people that think one or two sentences make a blog. Usually accompanied with total incomprehension of punctuation and WRITING IN LARGE CAPS, PROBABLY THINKING THAT IT MAKES THEIR IDIOTIC OPINIONS SOUND MORE IMPORTANT, BUT INSTEAD IT ONLY MAKES THEM LOOK LIKE LOSERS WHO CAN'T FIND THE CAPS LOCK BUTTON AND TYPE NORMALLY.

Proofread. If you're happy whenever you get a D for your essays, it's obvious that you shouldn't blog. Correct grammar is important, since it tells about your education. If you're dyslexic, that doesn't make you above the laws of grammar. Just ask somebody that knows how to write correctly to proofread it for you.

Choose Interesting topics. Writing about your life is a good idea only if you're interesting yourself. It might shock you, but most people don't want to know about your life failures, that you're undereducated "because of the system" (derr), why you sell drugs or how your boyfriend is a World Of Warcraft geek and doesn't pay attention to you. This is a humor website and you should write something entertaining. Notice that political blogs get a small response and are usually repetitive (Obama this, Obama that). Booooooooriiiing!

Don't plagiarize. It's nice that you found some articles around the web and you'd like to share them. Don't forget to give the source at the ending, because if you don't, you steal somebody else's work and claim it's yours.

Don't write an essay that could be shortened to one tenth of it's volume. Writing like this: "And you know, I'm all in for that but, em... seriously. I was like wait, I don't get like what's the deal with flowers, you know, they smell nice and boys give them to girls but they cost a lot and it's supporting commercialism, you know..." It's not a good idea. Blogs aren't informal conversation. Try to put your thoughts together before you write them down. Opening a blog that's 10 paragraphs long usually ends in not reading the whole thing. Especially when it's badly written.

Don't be a smart ass. Getting your knowledge from yahoo answers doesn't make you smart. On the contrary, usually it makes you sound like an idiot. If you want to impress somebody, try covering the areas you know well.

Don't whore for attention. Trying to be in the center of attention with your "hardcore" opinions only makes you a troll. Who cares that you're in a welding class? Is this the peak of your ambitions? Or do you think it's so cool and original that you weld things together? How about copypasting hip hop lyrics? Groovy, you like rap. Who cares? Copypasting articles about America's politics and criticize a country you don't even live in? What's the use, mate? You're Canadian. We get it. Canada has a better health care than USA. Can you just move on? Write something that will likely get views because of the opinions there, not because somebody wants to read your bullshit attacks on somebody.

Don't spam!!!!!!!!!!!! What's the use anyway? Like 50-60 people will read it.

Use the embed option properly. One paragraph + Youtube link doesn't make a worthy blog unless it's something funny. Remember to use the option wisely - you can put in pics and clips that will make your blog look nicer.

Now this should be enough for you to grasp the basics. Try writing a blog yourself. Follow my tips and you'll soon become a quality blogger.
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