howcome they got thrree more but costs 5 times more?

   so you ever notice how when you buy the cheap razors they always buckle your stupid face like bics and shit leave all thos elittle tiny pin cuts on your face and shit.

 I went to the store to but some razors and shaving cream and food too but that,s for a different bog Anyway i bought all this stuff and I cmae home and showered and when i went to shave it was like i was dragging a cat tongue across my fucking neck. so i went back to the store and now im all bloody and shit and i bought more some better razors and whatnot but im lookin at em and shit and theyr crazy fuckin expensive and whatnot like three times more for less razors and shit

 I mean why does it cost that much more to make a better razor? I get that the cheap ones are cheep but why do the good ones have to be like 17 dollars for five of em? i mean seriously man come on thats fuckin expensive. i m not tryiong to goldplate my face and whatnot i 3just want it to be smoove.

   what do you think?

ps i just wanted to say i really like writing stuff here. i know im not a great writer but i like doing it and you guys have all been really nice to me so thank you.


Uploaded 09/23/2010
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