Human Garbage

No, I'm not talking about the waste produced by humanity as a whole.  I am referring to human beings who be it through piss poor attitudes or general selfish behavior are a complete waste of space and resources.  Originally this was going to be a severely hate fueled blog, but I've since had a chance to play some Beatles Rock Band (everyone has their way of centering themself after a shitty day at work, and that is mine), so what's left is a lingering feeling of general disgust.

This all began when I was forced to stay over an additional 45 minutes this morning due to a youth at work being a general worthless piece of garbage.  It's not that I mind staying over to help out, it's the reason for it.  He embodies everything I can't stand in a person: arrogance, vanity, entitlement, complete lack of empathy and a sincere desire to be as much of a burden on the people who watch over him on a daily basis as possible.  For the past two mornings, I have watched as this kid gets out of bed and dresses himself in unlaundered clothing because he is too lazy to put his dirty clothes in a plastic tote and send them down to the laundry building where they would be washed for him.  He then walks around the building, antagonizing the other youth and trying to start fights because he believes himself to be a capable fighter.  When breakfast comes, I watch in utter repulsion as he shovels mouthfulls of cereal into his face, knowing that there are actual decent human beings out there who are going hungry while this . . . parasite sits here and inhales 3 bowls of name brand cereal.  Now that he's eaten, the only activity he really cares about, he proceeds to spend the rest of the morning harassing female staff.  Stealing their bottled water, splashing it at them, pulling their hair, etc.

Why do I tell you all this?  Because this kid embodies everything that is wrong with the world.  This may sound a bit extreme, but in essence this is why things suck in this world.  Self-centered people that don't give a damn about anyone but themself.  I've stated many times over that I lean neither left nor right, but if anything disgusts me more than greedy corporate cocksuckers ruining our economy for the sake of turning higher profits, it's those at the other end of the scale that honestly believe the world owes them a living.  If you are actively trying to work and are taking the necessary steps to make yourself employable, then I am not talking about you.  I speak of those that refuse to educate themselves and contribute to the workforce of our nation because they've grown fat and lazy on free handouts.  You are doing just as much damage if not moreso, because when it all comes down to it people like myself are the ones that are affected.

I'm rambling, and I realize this.  Honestly, I'm not sure what started this.  A bad morning at work, I guess.  Regardless, my message to humanity remains the same: be considerate of those you interact with.  You don't have to agree with everyone's point of view, but at the very least you should try to understand it, just as they should seek to understand yours.  It is through this collective insight that we will ultimately take the next step in evolution as a species.

Oh, one more thing: Inception is a badass movie.  I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys a well written thought-provoking story.  An odd note to end this nonsensical tirade on, I know, but doing a separate blog just to let you know that Inception rocked would be redundant.

The dude abides.

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