Human Lives lost in the War in Iraq

For those of you who continue to endorse the Idea that our aggression in the Middle East protects the lives of both the Inhabitants of those countries, as well as our own... Here is a quick To-Date Tally of the Death tolls that are a Result of both the War, and the Occupation.



Iraqi Civilian  Deaths- It is Reported by the United nations in 2006 ALONE that 34,452 Deaths took place amongst Iraqi Civilians based on Date From hospitals, morgues, and municipal authorities across the nation of Iraq.  (These are Recorded Deaths)  Estimates for the Entire United states occupation?  And due to a ORB poll conducted in August 12-19, 2007 estimated that 1,033,000 violent deaths total took place that are in relation to both the War, as well as the sectarian violence and continued fighting.  Makes our own losses pale in comparison doesn't it?


Iraqi Security Forces (Allied with the Coalition)- As of 2008, 6,925 Police and 3,898 soldiers killed.


Media and Aid Workers- 112 Journalists, 40 Media Support Workers, and 95 Aid workers are dead as of the 25 of Sept 2007.  For a total of 247 deaths.


U.S. Armed Forces- 4,119 dead as of July 15th 2008.


Other Coalition Armed Forces- As of March 24, 2008, there have been 311 deaths with the United Kingdom taking the cake at 177 dead.


Contractors- Between the months of March 2003 to July 2008, 1,186 contractors were killed with 244 of the killed to be Americans, with the Majority being Iraqis.


Insurgents/Militia- As of Sept 22, 2007, approximately 19,429 insurgents/Militia were killed since the occupation of Iraq.


Suicide Bombers- Though there isn't much pity for these people, approximately 1,590 suicide bombers have taken their lives in an effort to kill both Military and civilian targets as of Sept 2, 2008.


Grand Total- 1,065,400 Dead since March, 2003.


Now Compare that to the American Lives lost in the 9/11 terrorist Attacks on the Pentagon and Twin Towers. - 2,975 Dead

And remember, this doesn't include the numbers of Wounded either.  Which many of you don't realize how terrible some of these are, which include the loss of limbs, reproductive parts, vicious disease, and becoming Paralyzed.  Also not figured in are Tallies for Famine and loss of Medical facilities and supplies that was a result of the war.  If you think that people will remember us with affection and pride because of this, then you are sorely mistaken.


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