Humiliating Lesson For Tyaeda

As you all probably know, there's this girl here who's obsessed with me. She keeps 1starring my uploads, using alts to thumb my comments down and herself up. She also checks my comments and types down any info I give about myself there. But yesterday she crossed the line. Thankfully the site's admins are top notch and have shown her her place soon after her pathetic attempts of leaking my personal information.

In her demented mind, the fact that I wrote something on my facebook makes it okay to post it here for sicko vultures like GIJoe or MemphisT56. She probably hoped that loonies like them would use the information against me. Who knows? The point is, You can't post somebody's personal information here, even if it's taken from facebook. How did you find my facebook anyway, creep?

Needless to say, the blog and pics Tyeada posted were deleted. So were GIJoe's uploads where he posted an address link containing my name. But that's not all.

PepperPeanuts, a mod hero, decided to impose the most humiliating and harsh punishment known to an Ebaumsworld user. He's made Tyaeda faceless. A worm. Nobody.

I like the idea even better than banning her (which she deserved). He was shown her place and should probably go back to her own website she's been talking so much about. You're not welcome here, faceless freak. Do us all a favor and take the other blog trolls with you

Neko, The Troll Slayer
Uploaded 06/28/2011
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