A full day of no food. Me and Servine swarm the Feeders feet whenever they so much as move, our ears flat in our serious face. But they ignore us. Even the bland food they give me sounds like heaven to my empty stomach. Perhaps they were pumping us for information! If Servine knew how to talk in their language, she would have spilled the catnip in a heartbeat. Whenever the Feeders left the house, we would take turns sitting infront of the enclosure which housed the food bag. They were able to use the door by means of opposible thumbs. We had no such luck. Cursed genetic flaw. Surely there HAD to be a way to open it without the extra digits! How?


Well, to name a few methods which DIDN'T work...


1. Pawing under the door to pull it outward without turning the handle.

2. Jumping and swatting at the handle.

3. Yelling at it (Servine)

4. Hoping.


We were doomed to a slow, painful death of starvation. But I would not break. A true leader goes down with their comrades, and be the source of strength. Wait. The Feeders are back!




I had to run and close the window before they discovered what I was up to. They returned with food! Their storage facility much have run out. I will call this day, a Success.

Uploaded 03/17/2011
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