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If you are new to Ebaums Blog section, then you might be wondering how to find good blogs to read.  I have this problem myself.  I just started getting involved in the blogs here last October ('08).  I see a lot of good talent here.  A lot of fun stories, and a lot of good writing.


Once my wife Joined EBW and started reading blogs, it occured to us that there is no reference for where to find good blogs.  There is the "Highest Rated" section, but like most "lists" here at ebaums, it can be manipulated and skewed pretty easily.


I decided that it might be a good Idea for folks to list their 10 favorites they THEY wrote, and maybe their 10 favorites that OTHER PEOPLE wrote... but it didn't get received with much liking...  Maybe people didn't understand what I had suggested (strghtjcktgrl), or maybe they thought it was too much work... or maybe they thought that a group they created was good enough... either way, I am going to do what I suggested, though I feel that the bloggers who have been here longer would be able to put out better lists.


I joined the Group that is all about being "tired of the shitty blogs", which was touted as being "good enough" and that this idea would not be better than the group, but after joining the group, I have yet to figure out how to find good blogs through it.  There are lots of comments, but none about which blogs are good and which aren't.  The message board was empty as well.  Maybe this group was focused more on weeding through the CURRENT blogs for good ones, but not PAST blogs, which is what I am interested in.


So Here I go... this is a list of 10 blogs that I wrote on here that I would choose to recommend that others read first, out of all of mine.  (Sorry, like most things here at EBW, the link feature does not work... just copy and paste into a new tab or window)


I like to write short stories... Here is one about a highschool best friend who was murdered...


Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -


Sometimes I write Erotic Short stories... Here is one called "The Dare"...


Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -



I write about my son a lot.  Here are few about him... and one about his brother Damon...


Dress for Monday is Business Casual -

You're Dreaming! -

Pronunciation of "Fucking" -


Then their are misc. rants and other bullshit...


I Like Being White - A blog about racism -

Space between the bars - A blog about life -



I also write a lot of Poetry:


Where's Mommy? -

Tattoo me a relationship -



Then there are stories that may go on forever... like the comparison of Ebaums to a bar...


That is only part 1, I am currently working on Part 4.  You can go to my submissions if you are interested in seeing more....


Kudos to Foot and Strictsum for engaging in this exercise, as I now have a list of good blogs to read that will keep me busy for a few days... I understand why noone else took part in this... it does take a little work (moreso if you list OTHER peoples blogs), and it is solely for the benefit of other people, which I understand is not a practice that is usually a big hit... 


I am hunterdad and I will now start composing my list of favorite Blogs from other people, though my experience only takes me back a few months...




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