Hurricane Gustav

I am just curious if the Black community in New Orleans has picked out a scape goat to blame on their suffering due to the lack of evacuating the area with another major hurricane on the way. Obviously, these people need three to four times the warning that any other gulf coast metropolitan area needs to be told to leave. Myself, a Gulf Coast Florida resident, pays close attention to these storms, and I can be sure I will not be told I must leave, and be forced out of my home because I am to fucking ignorant to leave. I will go as soon as it looks like it's coming my way. Furthermore, If I was to ignorant to leave, and suffered injuries, or death to those close to me, I would not blame anyone but myself. George Bush did not force anyone to stay in New Orleans during Katrina, and I find it quite comical that the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana have to repeatedly come on TV and tell people that if you do not leave you will not be helped. Regardless of what happens, I certainly hope that if you stay, and you are injured, or you fucking die you do not blame this on George Bush, or John McCain for that matter!! You know it's coming, GET THE FUCK OUT!!!


And for those Scumbags who stay behind and Loot, I hope to see you shot to death,live, on Fox News!!

Uploaded 08/31/2008
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