Hype With Sex

As I was reading a recent article about sex, one thought came to mind. Who
the hell cares?! The hype about sex these days is so over-rated. Yes, that
article showed numerous statistics, opinions and great points, but why has
doing the deed become such a controversial but ever-so-popular topic?
Yes. people of all ages, shapes and sizes have sex. Yes, many people give it
away easily, and others keep it like its gold. But why is society so curious and
bothered by other peoples decisions?
No, I dont have facts to throw at you, or questionable statistics, but sex is sex.
Yes, theres STI's and the chance of pregnancy, but isnt that the risk people are
taking by sticking it in? No one is naiive enough to not have heard STI or teen
pregnancy. Not in this age.
Africa, different story. But I'm talking about north america here. You know, the
ones who use sex to sell as much as possible. But it works, so why not?!

Sex is another form of expressing emotion. Last time I checked, you can get
herpes from making out with someone, and you can get crabs from sharing
a hat. (Yes, for all you cynics, I'm obviously not talking about genital crabs, but
crabs are crabs, wherever they are on your body.)

If you feel you're ready to have sex, and you arent going to be an idiot about it,
go ahead. Stick er in. & enjoy it too! Dont let other people judge you on your
decisons, because half the time, they're just guilt ridden because they're doing
it too, or arent getting it at all, and feels the need to complain about it.

& in the end, if you are or arent having sex, if you do or dont believe in pre-marital
sex, if you are or arent gettin laid every night, no one cares.

Most of you probably wont agree with me. Most of you will have something
nasty to say about my article, but hey, you cant please 'em all.

Uploaded 09/01/2008
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