Hypocrisy of militarymen

I registered this account today to express my opinion about the hypocrite who recorded and uploaded the Cheating Military Wife Caught Cheating clip first off - who gave you the right to judge that woman? Secondly did you catch her cheating, I don't thinks so. What you did here is you recorded her shopping with her friend and used that to cause drama and that the husband thinks she's cheating on him. Frankly I think the author of this clip who didn't know you should hold your phone horizontally while you record but was fast to jump into conclusions is a hypocrite and was probably turned down by that woman. He's a piece of shit and doesn't care about his friend, in fact he shared it here - why? He could have shown it to his friend but no, he shared it with the world. The result - he's acting like a star, the man on the clip might get beat up by the husband later for helping his wife and kids with the groceries. Wow. And the poor woman? She's been called a whore by people that don't even know her. The troops watch it and see their friend, maybe their commander being cheated and how can they respect him? That's someone who called himself a friend. There's a lot of these "friends" here. They are persistent in proving you you're a cheater even though you're not. My husband's friend snuck up to our house at night and took pictures of me and my friend while we were in bed and sent them to my husband when he was in the Middle East on a mission. Imagine his reaction. That piece of crap broke into our house and took pictures of us so he could prove it to my husband. For what? So that he filed for the divorce? So he doesn't concentrate on his mission and gets shot? What was the point of this idiot doing it? He could come home and never know. That wasn't like I wanted to get a lover. He was away. Can't some idiots understand this simple fact? I'm not getting the papers but my husband doesn't trust me and you'd not believe that but he hangs out with that shithead who broke into our house and took the pictures like he didn't do that because he wanted to incite drama. He was probably jealous too.
Uploaded 08/05/2012
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