Hypocrisy or just plain angry?

Why do people get so angry when ever religion is even mentioned? We are supposed to live in a country where there is a freedom of religion and free speech but damned if I see it. I made a casual joke the other day about proof that God is real and LOOSEN up people it is a JOKE, not that God is real, because I believe that and notice I said I as in me believe in God I didn't say you are stupid or you are going to hell although you are. JOKE people I am not the judge, I also hear people on here say that religious people have done this or that but primarily making judgements but you see I have NEVER seen this on Ebaums and something else I have never seen, people trying to convert you on Ebaums. What are so afraid of that you feel the need to attack and ridicule someone else's beliefs? Want to hear something else I have never seen on Ebaums, well I have never seen people who do believe call you names or make you feel bad about your beliefs or non-beliefs which ever you like. I think its a shame that so called Christians are out there with those lovely signs about faggots and baby killers and how you are going to hell. Problem is, when you get to hell look to your right and I bet you will see quite a few of them because a true Christian talks of love and forgiveness and is NOT in a hurry to see anyone go to hell or a Barry Manilow concert whichever you prefer. OK I write one of these little blogs about beliefs and the freedom of them because it is one of the few things I am willing to die for, a person's freedom of religion and freedom of speech.  I will let you in on how you can tell you are around Christians......we are looking down our noses and laughing at you........I kid I kid see loosen up.


Thank you for reading Bohank

Uploaded 05/09/2009
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