I don't normal post about my personal life but I thought this was amusing. I was out last night with a group of friends in a bar and while talking with one of said friends, I was approached by a tall blonde stranger -who was wearing a somewhat garish yellow dress, but hey she pulled it off- and this blonde starts to tell me that myself and my friend look stupid as we are both wearing chino's -be it a different colour- and that our T shirts are of poor quality, and we look embarrassing. The starts talking about my facial features etc...

       Quite taken aback, I pointed out the fact that she had just came up to two random strangers and felt that she had the right to bastardize what they were wearing and try and make them feel small, on a whim. I pointed out how this was out of order and that she had no right to do so. Upon stating my position, her reply was and I quote. "How dare you be mean to me you do not know me, what gives the right to judge me."

     At this point I throw my head back and laugh like a musketeer and point out how much of a blatant hypocritical contradiction this is, she starts to try and get violent, she tries to hit me with a glass, after missing she decides to throw it as me, which also misses me but soaks what I am wearing. The split second after the glass hits the floor -I had not moved a muscle at all, not even to shield my face, as the glass was thrown at head height- I am grabbed by two doorman and ejected from the premises.

Uploaded 06/02/2012
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