I accept your compliments. My own hate blog yay!!!

Lol i just added blue notes and the fag who writes worse than myselfs hate blogs to my favorites. Dimeslime or some sort of gay shit name like that. Cant believe someone took the time to write me a hate blog, in responce to complete bullshit .Hahaha

But blue did you have to say your moma??? honestly i thought you could do better than "bad gramar" and "your moma".Well anyways thank you .I recieve so many comments when people assume i am trying to win something.This is a blog section in a random video site. I realy feel  bad for dimeslime now having looked up his so called hate blog..It was funny in the way that it failed but sad in the way I think he was trying. You cant say i tried .Go ahead i dare ya say i did and mean it....Also I dont comment because i cant . And because i didnt care to make a new account when i started.So as far as sitting duck you have to assume I dont care. Well havnt since about ten minutes after being comment banned.I never felt the need to.   

Ok I just heard a great dead baby joke. Whats the difference between a dead baby and a sandwich??


I dont eat the sandwich after i fuck it.....



Merry xmas  and thank you hate bloggers.I appreciate all you crazed gramar nazis.I dont get offended but i like to see people respond all madish when you critique them.


Matt the Proud reason for two 2 Hate blogs. Count em 2. I put them in my favs.


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