I ain't dead!

True, My avatar is usually a skull, but I ain't dead yet. Pretty close this time, though. When I got sick this time it was pretty bad, but thankfully my landlord is an MD, so that saved my ass. Anyway, if anyone had noticed I hadn't been around, that's the reason why.

However, just before X-mas I din another Dominus Contest routine. Big effin' surprise, this one ended up with ANOTHER tie. Megalomaniacal and StrghtJcktGrl have yet to settle the last tie, or claim their worthless prize, but here's the point tally for this round:

Omfsmthefsm - 3 questions right

JohnnyBax - 3 questions right

Volcomelement34 - 4 questions right

Live101proof - 9 questions right

Codyage - 9 questions right

This time around, I promised a real here it is:

I'm expecting to get 2 novels and 3 short stories off to the publishers this year, not counting articles. The 2 winners can, if they wan, be included as characters mentioned in one of the works.

Of course, there's no guarantee that you're name will ever make it to the bestseller list, but think of it as a way to get another 15 minutes of pointless fame. You guys can e-mail me if you're interested. Otherwise, take pride in making me just a little more paranoid that I'm that transparent to some people.

Hope to be around more often now that I'm on the mend. See y'all soon.

Uploaded 01/13/2009
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