i already know no one cares, i was just bored.

I havent been on in awhile, These are things that have changed...and facts..

1.I was going through an interned noob phase, so i put my name as retardsmart.

2.I am emo

3.xXxSSKxXx is emo also.

4.I do not make child pornography and never have.

5. I do not have a myspace.

6.I don't do drugs.

7.I dyed the under part of my hair hot pink.

8.i then dyed it black.

9.yes, i do like poetry, its nice :)

10. There really are cookies on the dark side.

11.Hawthorne Heights is awesome :)

12.i like cupcakes :)

13. this is my favourite number ;) not stereotypical , it is because it was my best year.{when i was turning 13}

14.Favourite colour? Green

15. favourite movie? the nightmare before christmas and currently, coraline.

16. i like the simpsons and south park and family guy and invader zim

17.i want to be seventeen forever[im not even 17 yet}

18.i love: Hawthorne heights, MCR, AFI, Panic at the disco,The Blaqk Year, Silverstein, Secondhand serenade, 30 seconds to mars, paramore, marianas trench, escape the fate, bring me the horizon, tokio hotel, rise against, metro station,From behind these walls, The red jumpsuit apparatus,All american rejects, Boys like girls, Cobra starship, cute is what we aim for, Dashboard confessional, Hellogoodbye, Simple plan, The used, blink 182 and more..

19.i have this tiny obsession with cookies. {tiny}

20.i want to learn to play the acoustic guitar. it sounds beautiful :)

Uploaded 04/04/2009
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