I am a Superhero..........

I have talked about this Super power that I have been blessed with and the thing is you can have it too. Politics, Religion, and Her are all good examples I am talking about where my Super Power comes into play and lets not forget to mention pooping white chocolate. If these topics or these people piss you off and you get off of Ebaums because of anger then do as I do..........I am "Go Around Man" and with this Super Power I am able to "go around" ANY topic or person I dont want to partake of and you say "but Bo they piss me off" well dont look! I say if you want to argue as many of us do then please go at it and after you are finished arguing shake hands and start again tomorrow, except Wallboy.......OK I am kidding about that one. People are getting pissed off at each other and then leaving the site(no I am not talking about Biserschap) and I am now going to give all of you the same power I have.........there now just go around it works great for me or you could use the other superpower  "Ignore Man" that works great also. Do NOT give somebody/anybody power over you.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 08/19/2009
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