I am against gay marriage.And other facts about me.

Hello People!

       As you may have read in my title i am against gay marriage. This is not a joke.I am against it totaly. I mean come on a child isnt supposed to have two fathers or two mothers.Think about it. Who would want that!?

Ok here is what i realy hate about certain people.That monkeys got me by the seat belt!! Grab his face to shake him off.EAsy now thats an indangered species!! Omg he has a twin, fast before he melts.I dont care if they are irish build a new one!!If i eat another bite i may be sick...Seee!?? I told you so now clean it or i will be sick yet again.I am the result of rape and the consequence of cheap birth control.Damnit raegan we meet again.If spiderman did his job right batman wouldnt have to kick so much ass. Pirates and ninjas and boxes o my. If you cant  beat em check their grammar.I can do this all morning .brb. Sorry i am back now. I cant stop after eating one baby they are like chips or toes.If i continue like this the zombies will hav nothing for brunch.Iz up to me to eeps them full. Let me borrow your first born baby. Baby...Either way im gonna cook him up and serve him to ya. You will eat it i glazed him with ham.I dont see very attractive people correcting grammar.unless they are realy ugly....You know who you are...Even if i was to stand i could not reach my fore head. Its huge. and by fore head i mean penis.I cant stan any more my dog is getting tired of pulling my cart. How many cans do you need to collect for a big mac blue? I hate burgar king its hardly fit for a king.Is it Dolphin friendly!!???? Is it!????

That has been a moment of clarity by me matt, The literal leader of zombies. Oh and eshel I suggest the name for your couch monster be mister spot. I dont know why ...Davenport would go over the heads of the children ......And make him a  vegan....Yea...jk fuck that good luck.... Ellimem I am surprised you still occasionaly read my shit lol

Uploaded 12/30/2008
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