I am done.

I would just like to say I am dropping out of this so called "war" because its pointless. I know i was on Neko's side through it all, but she defended me when everyone was attacking me on all my blogs. Thanks Neko by the way, and before you or anyone else gets mad I am only doing this because I am tired of being put under a category of a follower  and having boundaries of who I can talk to without someone else getting upset.

Honestly no one knows the real me or the real you, so It does not matter what he or she says about you. I wish I could be friends with everyone on here but the odds of that are slim because everyone is so divided., and judgmental. Like i said before I like Neko, Frogbob, Batman666(sorry forget the real name) and even kinda starting to like letemdangle and i used to hate him.

I realized though that some are not really that bad its just cause ever body  gets split up into groups, so instantly there labeled enemies.  I would just like to post something without 7 people talking crap to me, then a whole war starts on my blog.

Now i do not know what personalty goes on between Neko, and Tayeda but no one can really point the finger at the other because it could have ended along time ago from my point of view. Neko not trying to go against you but sometimes you do take it too far and it kinda ruins the point when you apologize then say hey you can come back to my blog section, it kinda ruins the apologies meaning.

Tayeda, If that's how your name is spelled, you kinda ag it on by commenting back on her post then saying lets ignore her people then doing it again does not help. I would be little bitter to if you posted my personal info on a website that has a lot of pervs, so you can see from her point of view, and people you associate with are kinda stuck up and rude to people that have not as good of grammar use, like me.

No offense to either one of yall, I am just pointing out my opinion and showing what part of the problem is. I just hope you two can see past each others differences and team up and make this blog section badass because yall are both really intelligent and have the potential to make the blog section a better place.
Uploaded 08/03/2011
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