I am gonna be all up in that shit!

I am gonna have a blast when I'm in office! Get this: Good ol' Dubya has given me precident to be President! He has really raised the bar on bending the rules. Here's what I found!

Official Designation Documents. This one is great! It allows me to say that a document is beyond top secret designation, meaning that it's illegal for anyone to even ask to see it if I don't want 'em to! The guy who'll be leaving the Oval Office to make room for me has used this more than 60 times!

The State Secret Priveledge. If there's something that I don't want investigated, I can use this one. I can just claim any event is a state secret and the court system has to stop any investigation, hearing or trial about the matter. And Baby bush has used this more than 20 times!

Signing Statements. Ooo! this one will be good since I didn't get a 2/3 majority in congress. Whenever Congress makes a law, if I don't like it then I can use a Signing Statement to say "what the law really means is..." Dubya has used this one over 800 times! Woo hoo! presidents can invoke laws too!

But my favorite has to be Executive Priveledge. I can hire a male prostitute to rape one of my daughters, then shoot him in the head seventeen times, then shove a cat up his ass...and as long as I use executive priveledge then what happens in the White House stays in the White House!

That means as long as I don't do more than 60 Official Designations, 20 State Secrets, 800 Signing Statements, and 40 Executive Priveledges then they can't touch me because Georgie did it and they let him get away with it!

First thing I'm gonna do is invite Lynne Cheney over for Dinner, rape her, then piss up her ass! Woo hoo! Executive privledge, y'all!

Uploaded 11/18/2008
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