I am no cook

Let me try this again, the first post did not take for some reason:


     I am no cook. I decided I wanted some hot chocolate.  Someone recently sent several large care packages to us and everyone else raided them.  About the only thing left in them is some Hot cocoa, and some Day's Inn soap bars.  Ok, hot chocolate is easy right?  Heat up a cup of water (Thanks to a friend I have a microwave safe cup), and stir in the chocolate.  It would be IMPOSSIBLE to mess this up, right?


     Ok, well I decided I wanted some "milk" to go with this.  We have this "milk" here that I don't know what it really is.  It can't be milk though.  It's stored at room temperature.  It's also Arabic, so I don't know if it is camel milk or goat milk, maybe doggie milk?  It's nasty.  Well, I figure that can't be too bad to add a little of it for taste to the hot chocolate, right?  I grabbed one.  Well, I can't read Arabic sand script.  I start to pour it.  I wasn't watching at first.  When I looked down, I saw that it's pink.  Ok, so I wound up having chocolate strawberry cocoa now.  And... no, it was not very good. LOL...  Chocoberry?  Strawolate?  Maybe tomorrow I'll try adding some pineapple juice to the milk!  (No, I know it will curdle it instantly.)

Uploaded 08/01/2011
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