I am on the MTV

So yesterday as it turns out I was really bored. So, I ended up watching MTV. Now that I have clarified exactly how bored I was lets just move on. Also nothing better was on and I got a case of the fuckits so I watched about 4 hours of it. What was on was a cribs marathon. First off for those tuning in and are unaware as of yet what exactly MTV Cribs is, I will explain it for you. The show is very simple. Take the viewer on a tour of the superextravagant houses of celebrities and the super rich.  Yes there are a lot of houses and a lot of unnessary things in a lot of said houses, but ultimately it seems all the same. Big house nice cars to the next big house nice cars, Not a whole lot of variety. I personaly would love some variety. Red Man's episode was fantastic, it was utter magic and I could not turn away as he went through this house that was completly broken down and had all kinds of shit wrong with it that I am sure a lot of us grew up with at one point in time. Even when he threw the cmeras out of the house he invited them back and said if you want to ring the doorbell just rub these two wires together. I cried, All be it I am almost certain he did it for the show. That is what I want, either that or some updates on celibrities. MTV Cribs the MC Hammer episode, lets see the home of celebs that have dropped off the map.  I would probably even like to have seen how someone like Martha Stewart was living during her stint in prison just have MTV Cribs produce it. I wouldnt be able to turn away. While we are at it why not some small time celebs who do voice overs and the like. Perfect example would be MC Chris,  the rapper who did the voice of MC Pee Pants on ATHF.  The list could go on and on of things that could be so much better then looking at master P and his golden ceilings.  So I turn the question to you. Who, if you had the choice would you think would make a good episode of Cribs?


This has been a bored as hell godliberator moment.

Uploaded 11/15/2008
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