I am so mad

My brother is sending me text messages saying I owe him money...but he is making it seem like I owe him 5 thousand dollars!!  Yeah he helped me back in the day but no where near that much and he told me when he gave me the money,

"you don't have to pay this back, this is a gift from me to you"

then when my wife and I got married we helped him a little bit and let him live with us for a while and then all the sudden him and my wife get into a fight and he trys saying that we owed him that money, so we kicked him out!  and now over a year later of not talking or anything, he is living with his 16 year old girlfriend and he is 24 years old and he is complaining that he is in debt because of me and that I owe him money and that I screwed him over!!  Can you believe the nerve of some people!!!  I am so pissed off right now...and then even in the texts he talks down about my wife!!

I told him if he ever said something about my wife again that he would regret it.

Uploaded 07/24/2008
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