I am so sick about people bitching

I am sooo sick about strangers bitching about the damn economy. Your constant whining wont change anything. If you werent smart enough to get a phd so that now you can have a decent wage then shut up and turn to prostitution. You can get your whole family into it and in no time you will be able to pay for that 3 bedroom 1 and a half bath home out in the middle of some god forsaken suburb.

If you also didnt take the route of investing in your own business or in the stock market and other venues than YEs YOU TOO can turn into prostitution. You will be better in no time. You know your husband or boyfriend would never pass up a good hoe.Just invest in some knee protectors and dont forget to spit. That minivan will be paid off in a flash.

Stop crying cause no one will help you. Get of the internet and go look for a job. Or better yet just get it over with and drown yourself in some puddle cause if ur bitching about money now it means your life is a waste already. It will not be ok and the sun wont come out tommorow.

Uploaded 02/04/2009
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